Morning and evening routine in quarantine

I don’t know why, but I find watching, or reading about, other people’s morning or evening routines fascinating and inspiring.


Before quarantine, I watched a variety of morning routine videos on YouTube because my own routine was very busy. I would wake up at 5.20am, pray/mediate, shower, get dressed and be out the door with my husband to catch the 6.30am bus. I listened to a news podcast (The Squiz), audiobook or other podcast and sometimes fell asleep only to wake up feeling groggy and roll off the bus at 7.15am. We would then treat ourselves to breakfast at a local cafe before walking into the office by 8.30am for a full working day that sometimes finished at 7pm or later.

In quarantine, I wake up at around 6.50am, check my work emails to see what’s coming my way, have a longer prayer/mediation session, shower, get dressed and listen to ‘The Squiz’ podcast while preparing breakfast. I eat breakfast and drink tea while reading a book, browsing blogs or simply scrolling through Instagram if I feel anxious because of a big presentation or meeting that day.


In the evenings before quarantine, I tried to be home by 7.30pm or 8pm. This included going to my gym in the city at 5pm twice a week, and going back to the office for a bit longer before heading to the bus stop at around 6.45pm. I would call my parents on the bus and try to unwind. Once I was home, I would shower, cook and eat dinner, watch a TV show or YouTube and fall asleep in bed or on the couch by 10.30pm.

In quarantine, I’ve been finding it harder to log off and sometimes log back in to send a few emails or think through a problem after dinner. But on most days, I log off by 6pm and do a quick workout if I feel like it. I shower, call my parents, prepare dinner, watch a show with my husband and fall asleep by about 11pm or midnight.

I’m enjoying my new morning routine which is more peaceful. My new evening routine is ok too, but I like the ability to separate work from home by physically leaving the office, and taking my mind off work with music or a podcast on the bus home. I guess I’ll take a little bit of both when we return to our offices in the city.

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