A few of my fave Aussie authors

* Another post penned in 2016, sitting in draft form. I thought it was worth sharing!

I love winding down with a good fictional story with easy going characters, a simple plot, uncomplicated writing and a happy ending.  I especially like reading stories set in, or about Australia.  My favourite authors who do all of the above very well, and who are my go-to authors when I’m in a reading rut are:

Di Morrisey

Di Morrisey writes beautiful stories providing an escape from reality with good writing and great descriptions of places and historical facts. It’s great to read on holidays by the pool or beach, or after a busy work day.

Favourite Aussie Authors

Kimberley Freeman

The few Kimberley Freeman novels I have read all follow the same format with two time periods, plenty of history, romance and interesting characters.  I can’t say I’ve liked all of her characters – one of the characters annoyed me so much that I stopped reading the book.. (I’m picky with my books like that!).  But I highly recommend some of her books like ‘Wildflower Hill’ and ‘Ember Island’ because they were beautifully written with an amazing story line and descriptions of Australia.

Fave Aussie authors 2

Melanie La’Brooy

Melanie La’Brooy writes funny and witty chick lit about glamorous characters living in Sydney and/or Melbourne.  Both ‘Lovestruck’ and ‘Bittersweet’ were great page turners with a protagonist I liked and related to, funny situations, great writing and a happy ending.  Another great holiday read.

Melanie LaBrooy

Lianne Moriarty

She writes these suspenseful stories with glamorous characters and witty observations of relationships and families.  I loved ‘Big Little Lies’ and the famous ‘The Husband’s Secret’ which had great observations of the Sydney social scene.

Do you have any more Australian authors to add to this list? I’m always looking for new authors and book recommendations!

Fave Aussie authors

Maadz xox

Images credits 1 , 2, 3 and 4 via Pinterest/Amazon.

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