Memories from 2012 and 2013 on Instagram

I accidentally took a trip down memory lane while scrolling through my Instagram feed to find the first photo I ever posted.

It was 2012 and I had just moved back to Sydney after living in Hong Kong for two years. I was single, and renting a tiny studio apartment in North Sydney. I had just started a brand new job at the company which I still happen to work for (although I’m in a different role now).

The first photo I ever posted was the flowers my friend Mari (who started this blog with me) gave me on my 26th birthday.

McMahon’s point. My apartment was a short 15-20 minute walk from this beautiful view.

High tea in HK with my friend Linda during a quick business trip. It was great to catch up with friends again, after having left HK just months earlier.

The final product from a flower arrangement course at the North Sydney Community Centre.

Reading my Kindle during lunch breaks in spring at the Botanic Gardens.

Art exhibitions at the State Library during my lunch break (if work wasn’t too busy).

I made plenty of new work friends over laksa at Malay Chinese Takeaway on Hunter Street.

Waiting for the train in Central after an evening dance class in summer.

Flowers at my beautiful best friend’s wedding in Canberra in early 2013.

Getting my hair done as a bridesmaid for the wedding, and taking a photo with my new iPhone with the tape recorder cover, which was a great conversation starter.

Another lunch break spent in the Botanic Gardens.

Spicy soup noodles during a busy, autumn work day.

Walking to work in the city with my friend Jacqui during the warmer months and seeing this view from the Bridge.

My last breakfast with Mari before she moved to NYC.

Lunch with my parents during the long drive to Mollymook for my childhood friend Kirsten’s wedding. It was really lovely to travel with my parents, after having lived abroad for 2 years before.

A weekly ritual of decaf coffee, sushi and magazines on Saturdays.

Fresh tuna sandwiches from Vienna Sandwiches.

Tacos with my friend Katie at El Loco at the Slip Inn.

Precious memories at the ballet in Brisbane with my gorgeous mum.

Macaroons and coffees/hot chocolates at the Rocks with my lovely friend Mel.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. It’s always fun – and sometimes cringe-worthy! – to look at old photos with the original Instagram filters.

2 thoughts on “Memories from 2012 and 2013 on Instagram

  1. Hello Maadhavi, what a nice peaceful post here . It’s always good to look at your photos they tell a lot of stories ! Again it’s quite relaxing reading your post, admiring your spirit of ‘ appreciating ‘ the small little things that make you happy ! I am still learning on that and somehow business and fast paced life sometimes got me carried away from doing so.
    Great post and looking forward to your new post.

    1. Thank you so much, Sabrina! Yes it’s hard to appreciate the small things sometimes when life and work gets busy. It’s a learning process. 🙂

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