A cold and rainy Monday morning

I found this in my iPhone Notes, written on 3 April 2017.

It’s Monday morning after a beautiful, relaxing weekend filled with brunches, tea, reading and writing. Daylight savings finished yesterday, so I wake up an hour earlier with time to lie in bed, meditate and get ready slowly. But I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and I opt to wear summery flip flops instead of Wellington boots.

As we step outside, we are met with a blast of cold air and I immediately regret my choice of footwear. My stomach starts to rumble because the time change means we leave for work, at the time that I used to have breakfast.

I’m cold and hangry as we stand under the bus shelter.

Then. The rain begins to pelt down until we can hardly see anything a few metres ahead of us. Somehow, the bus appears and we find a seat. But the bus is cold from air conditioning, and the bus driver needs to keep the windscreen from fogging up.

We arrive at work and it’s not as windy or cold. But it’s Monday. Oh happy autumn days.

It’s on days like this that it’s important to create some little moments to help me feel positive and happy.

The first thing I do as soon I arrive at the office is fill my stomach with a warm, toasted bagel with peanut butter and wash it down with some delicious, hot tea. I start to thaw after removing my wet flip flops and pulling on a pair of close toed shoes. I read through my emails, write my To Do list for the day and suddenly, work seems manageable. I chat to a co-worker and feel less alone because it seems everyone is suffering from rainy Monday blues. I start to feel better about Monday.

Lunchtime rolls around and the skies clear up. Sunshine beams through the clouds.

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